Sunday, October 30, 2011

Under Your Canopy

My feet pulse , mending with each second as acorns underscore my steps

Heading to my sitting place I gaze upward
Talk to me in this silence I plead

Wake me to the wonder rather than wonder why I still exist
My soul feels empty, but I feel my soul
It has been longing to be recognized like the trees shedding the seeds

They roll, they nest, they accept their position
I learn from them and cry out, " Help me to be like you! Help me to see my resting spot is
my nesting spot.

Help me to accept my position as I am.  Not restless but resting in the
nature of God and His perfection."

I do not know how my tears and cries are received.  I do know that I long to be reconnected
to whom I really am.  I have strayed, I have prayed.

Embrace me under Your canopy as my
eyes, heart and arms reach upward .

Waiting In the Wings

I have been in the wings
watching life unfold
being the understudy

My lines rehearsed
my voice cracking 
with its new found speech

I dared not to have the
spot light shed on me

I am imperfect
but not in Your eyes

The eyes of Divine Truth
The Cosmic Audience of Life

As I take center stage 
in my life with You
I project who I am and You are 
my lines