Sunday, June 9, 2013

Supportive Remembrance

Many of you know of the loss of my spouse 8 years ago.  Many things have changed and many different paths were woven for myself and my daughters.   Inspiration from creative activities, whether dance, poetry, art or travel have been healing modalities for us in our loss.

Remembrance of our loved ones often spins us into the past, forgetting our own progress and forgetting our resilient nature.   Remembrance using items of our loved ones is supportive way to treasure yourself and your loved one. It also reduces the clutter and unnecessary things.

This weekend at Scott's Antique Mart in Atlanta I meet two bright and engaging women from a business they call CRAZY BELT LADY.   Their work is pristine, bright and happy like them.   When I saw their belt weaving I couldn't but think what a great way to repurpose loved ones belts into a functional item.  What a great way to gift someone as well.  Flowers last for a while, but how about a footstool or bar stool to prop yourself or friend upon?????

Their website is . They will work with you on custom design.. Maybe a wall hanging would be your inspiration.  Maybe a cover for a photo album.  Maybe integration of yours and your loved ones belts!!!!!!   Co create.... Re purpose and Celebrate living....

These ladies are not crazy they are heartfelt craftsmen with insightful talent... Take a peak, give them a call, they would love to create with you!!!!