Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The pinnacle was
within reach
not procurred

Unsettled and lacking
the whispy image remained
the flag waving
the summit almost reached

I saw it
I felt it
It was elusive

The pinnacle is Now
Forgetting I was here now
I slipped further down
the mountain side
in the dust of slippery soil

Remembering each moment
is the pinnacle

Remembering each struggle
each person, each heartfelt moment brings
me closer to You

The height is here
The pinnacle is now
No more sliding
There is nothing to climb Now

Monday, February 6, 2012

Across the Playing Field

Walk me?
They came walking across the field
another obstacle to avoid

I hesitated
Make contact?
Pretend I did not exist?
Make myself invisible?
Shrink within as I had done for so many years?

Both parties continued
My border collie advancing to discover her young lab
on the playing field                                
I retreated to the side lines
Someone might remember me and glide a ball over                        
 I would not be in the way of the real action.  Like Life.
What would I say anyway?

This was different.. Her dog in youthful frolic
begged to meet us
Her dog knew no stranger ,
only oneness with another dog.
Her owner smiled. I smiled back.
We both retreated a bit then headed towards each other.
The dogs played in unsymmetrical balance... attack and retreat with total JOY

Our own conversation grew.  No arrogance, No separation.  Sometimes a smile.
Sometimes a head nod.  Within minutes we too found a new friend.
A friend whose previous attacks no longer served them.  An understanding
that it is perspective of all life.   A gentleness in the gregariousness of life and happenstance.
Yes, we both found JOY.

We had no expectation to meet.  Our expectation was to tire out our dogs.
The field was flooded with JOY

Wonder filled and grateful we all left the field together.  Now we cannot wait to have the dogs drag us  back again!

We are blessed!        Dedicated to R and A... You know who you R!  :)