Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Slip sliding away
moss underfoot
 neck of the toes craning the boots

 slowly reaching
slowly sinking
 in spirits and breath
Down, down, down

Here I am 
in the slow lane
viewing the" mundane" 
in crisp and sharp lights

Life in the slow lane
Sparkles from the glass shards 
shed in haste
Dances with the sun's gaze on
the water dripping from the faucet
in its own pace

Maybe the "to do" lists will be not the same
Maybe the lists cease to exist

Life in the slow lane
More to see
More to hear
More to be present within and without 

As I my body heals and I " rise to the occasion"
my soul will remember 

With grateful heart I return to stillness, even 
in its temporary hurt, in this temporary stillness that 
grows deeper and fuller than I could imagine