Monday, November 28, 2011


An exciting or very unusual experience
A new beginning
An outcome without knowledge nor understanding

Life of solitude
A start, a new beginning, an unknown outcome without understanding but perhaps not as welcomed as the changing of seasons or the expectation of Christ among us

ADVENTuring with each advent in my life
consumes my days and nights
The flame falters but it continues

ADVENTuring with each advent in my life
greens me with greater understanding
of each moment

ADVENTuring with each advent in my life
graces me with greater opportunities than I ever could have imagined

within me
join me

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tide Pool

I have come ashore once again
Bathing in the warmth of protected walls
Finding common surfaces to hold me within

I am at ease here, knowing that my adventure
continues with the next tide

I always come back, so why distress?
Coming back to you in whatever shape
or form I am

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Waiting in despair
and regret

Waiting in joyous expectation
or simply in place

Waiting forces me to reasses
my present or not
so present nature

to lift the veil of fear
                     of defiance
                     of regret

Waiting creates more space for
wonders to appear
both imagined and unimagined

Waiting-being present for all
that is around me this moment-no need
to want
It is here

Can You?

Can you see the stars when you
watching your feet?

Can you hear the waves crash
as your conversation mounts?

Can you taste the sweetness without
the bitterness of longing?

Awaken your singular senses in rhythmic

Capture their essence, their charm

In The Garden

In the garden
I forget I am different

I rest in the hands of being
My own sweetness arises
from my soul

Yet the tears water all that
I am
The lonliness of my solitude
wells up within me

What am I seeking? Why seek?
I am here in the garden and myself and
nothing else matters

Set Sail

The rooster crows before
dawn as a reminder of
new day, he repeats and repeats

The oyster releases an
imperfection that is smooth,
glossy and softens our vision

The taste of the salty fish
grounds us in the clay soil
of our being

Oh my God, Help me to see
the folly of my own world
and see the completeness
in Yours

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Releasing without vision
    without regret

Abiding and riding
    on a higher power within

Questioning its presence
    yet acting on its existence


Contrary to the warring within
and releasing the true self outward