Monday, March 30, 2020

Band-aid Box

Housing the crimped edges of thin and flimsy waxed paper the band-aid box holds the bandages  and a few thin red threads of fine filament.The box had probably had been dropped on the kitchen floor with rusted edges exposed and may have been paired with its' sister mercurochrome.

We knew in which cupboard or drawer it was hidden as it was as much a savior of skinned knees as a sweet kiss and hug.  When the metal container was refilled with fresh bandaids from the  new cardboard one, we were delighted to have the choice of many sizes and shapes.   ( I still don't know why they made the little round ones.They fell  off so quickly and covered only a pin prick.)

We have been covering up our wounds for many years, adding antiseptic measures to assist in healing and  other modalities known to our ancesters like ultraviolet light and fresh air.  Our deep wounds may have required excision to provide a clean pallette for our body to do its miraculous healing from the inside out.

Today as we sit still amongst the every growing corona virus , the band-aids will not do.   The sting we feel is not the mercurochrome but from the old pains coming to the surface.  Perhaps the present  pain now is that we were not so kind to our elders or maybe our pursuit of happiness was flung aside onto someone else's shoulder. The pains are deep, the cut unobserved but its sting still present.  It may be that we hadn't held our body in the highest regard and neglected giving it what it needed for unexpected times like this. The spiritual body may have been placed to the side as well.

Today we sit  still.  It is a time to grow not unlike the acorn unaware that it will become a tree.
We know we have it in us, to thrive, to prosper , to be a tree within the forest of humanity. WE are trying to envision it .  It is tenuous to be still.

This opportunity has all it needs to be the healing from the inside out for us.  It requires patience and non judgement which for myself has not been one of my highest virtues.  But virtues we have, compassion we have, and time to envision a new place we might step into or a new way we might interact in at hand.  

The band-aids will always be in the drawer, sealed for that skinned knee or paper cut and  the deep wounds of our communities will heal and are healing, because we are healers.   We are created to self heal and now is the time.   Shed the impossibilites with the innate possibilities.   Choose the shape of the band-aid that will cover the exposure and delight in the face that you found the one with superman on it!   We are resilient and we are healers.