Sunday, March 31, 2013


sulpher seizes the moment
things suddenly change
wafting from the stem
a swirling spinning cloud dances

it gently raises its head
farther than my hand can reach
pursuing greater heights
a task perceived with ease

the dance is aromatic
mesmerizing in rhythm
considering nothing but its escape
expansion engulfs its being

seizing this moment
sweetness fills the cavity
of a soul recognizable
it is you and it is me

wafting from our oneness
swirling in our dance
and expanding our essence
we light the fire
 never extinguished

Sunday, March 10, 2013


The fog lifts
My breath gets clearer
The shimmer of sun , crisp underfoot alights and delights
My existence

The hovering and shadowing of family as the legions of
Angels sing and dance close by
Awaiting my mental shift 

I long for my marching orders again
When I will  I feel you breathing  more and more life into me

I am reminded of these little things so grand, so pure
I am reminded of the people and things I cherish in the silvery fog  
The important things remain, Love, Forgiveness and