Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scraping Away...

The last day of encaustic art class arrives.

What technique have I learned?
The process involves painting quickly with hot beewax pigmented and a tree resin added to help with the hardening. Many beautiful abstract paintings arise as so do textures that rise up almost unexpectably.

The most challenging is when one places the pigment down with intent, only to find out it is not pleasing or doing what you wanted it to do.
The next step is burnish it, scrap it away and see what presents itself.

If one looks at the technique, its metaphor in life prevails.

Cleansing with Spirit
Accepting what Is

As you take time to play, whether art, dance, music or sports, feel no guilt of the time taken away from daily activites. You are polishing your canvas and building its surface and creating a masterpiece for others to see their own beauty in themselves.

Thank you for those whom teach!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Underfoot: Growth in Unexpected Places

Often we are too busy looking ahead to see what is beneath our feet. We trample what is awaiting to sprout, whether new ideas or relationships or even the chance to feel an emotion that has been dormant and is awaiting its time of renewal.

It is the beginning of spring today and I am thankful for friends that listen, dogs that bark, tears that cleanse, hands that heal and words of wisdom that teach. One unknown solitary person answered the phone today and gifted me with inspiration and faith and excitement of new prospects in my life.

Look down, look up, look around. It is amazing what may sprout in unexpected places.