Monday, August 20, 2012


She waited patiently for my readiness
to learn
to learn something new
but really to learn about living again

She teaches patiently with a heart
to love
to love colors, environment
but to be your own self loving creature

She reads and writes patiently in her rocker on the porch
to expand
to expand
but to not demand of herself or others

She laughs with abandon
She dances with abandon
She mentors with abandon

She is always there, patiently with her heart
to listen
to listen
and to know that perfect word
       at the perfect time

Yes, there are angels on the earth
dressed up to look like people
Annie Angel

She just hangs around and shows up
in perfect timing

I want to be just like her!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Grass Was Short

The grass was short
Just groomed, fresh of an intense green
I liked it, short and neat and well cared for
Like a ball field
or a putting green

On our backs as we held
 each other through
the tempest sky

The green grass, closely cropped
on this good sunny day
ringed with flowers of magenta

The smell was filled
with freshness and playfulness
No drought in sight

Stager Lee could be heard whispering
"the moon was mellow and the leaves
came tumbling down"

Against my back as I lay
on the ground whispering into the clouds
everything I believed
They whispered back
"I know"

All is well
On the 18th hole as it should be

The sun was shining
The grass was short

                          This poem is the contribution of 12 people who responded to my request of what the phrase The Grass Was Short represented to them.  Co creation and imagination ensued.
Thank you!   The phrase " The sun was shining, the grass was short.".. was spoken to me by a friend.  I asked him if it came from his grandmother and he said no, he just made it on the spot  as his reminisced about his grandmother's house and then his visit to the same neighbor hood years later.     It struck me how tending a place, both physical and in the mind bring us together again and again.   So here is to the 12 that shared your memory of a place and time and touch.

I would love to write more collaborative poetry.
        Thanks to all.  Blessings and love, Susan

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Web

I am caught in this web
of lies I have been spinning
by myself

Spinning so furiously
that I have forgotten
I am a spider

Throwing lines like a fisherman
on turbulent waters
or gathering wash from a clothesline
as a pending storm hovers silently
over the next hill

The web has caught nothing
but whirls aimlessly
from a thin thread of ideas

If I settle it catches the sunlight
laden with dewy colors

If I slow down
I balance on its tensile threads

If I pray
others come to help me
finish this work of art
in record time and with novel
creative patterns

Refining this web
not with lofty ideas but with silver silence
of celestial grace and prayer

Oh I love being a Daddy Long Leg's Spider!!


Partaking of the Soul food

Participation of the community

Protected and Provided = Providence

At God's table no requirements are

Simply presence

Simply presence

Participation is receiving
Receiving His Grace
                His Gifts
                His Love


I am hungry already

Love, Susan

Stagnant Waters of Truth

Under the stagnant water
A world exists

It does not appear
on the surface

It does not prepare
you for the its underside

Creatures dance
Colors swirl
Chaotic balance thrives

Who is to say what
surface is real?
Who is to say what one
perceives stagnation to be?

Only Faith brings the
surface of Truth to
the forefront

Only His guiding eyes
Lead you where you
need to be

Let the tears
The water
The heavenly rain wash over you
Dotting the stagnant waters
New Life
New Opportunites
Christ's Renewal