Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rocking our Gypsy Souls

Gypsy Souls in days of sail

Mystic Journeys readied within single moments

Spurred by Belief that the universe knows best
  in its relagation to perfect design

The Gypsies will see their images mirrored unblemished
Reflected in the instant of knowing, the newest journey 
    has arrived

 The ship of discovery and bliss
will take them to ports of call, called perfection

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Creating candles in partnership , bringing light
Holding items together, with ease
Coating ears, protecting us
Forming beautiful patterns, within beehives

Wax around the heart
Protection or distorted view of the real you, the real me
What thickness is it?
Is color dispersed as encaustic painting , layering and layering? 

Without flooding my body with intense heat cast off to another,
how can this wax, covering my soul be liberated?
With heat? With light?

Flames.  Remembering when fire brought you close to
the God spirit and others
Lighting.  As ozone cleanses the sky and earth

Winter sun, toasting your back through layers of warmth 
ablaze with confidence
Sun melts me , in hammock or ground.
I am protected
by Mother Earth and cling to nothingness

What if unearthing this wax could uncover your own blazing heart
and dip  your fingertips with Love? Lightly drawn circles
boosted by the layer below
A container formed
Not fixed, but malleable ,from the warmth of your hands and heart
A tool for metamorphosis

I believe I still have this layer around my heart
It came when I took something personal last week
Now I draw a hot bath of coconut essence and ginger
I feel the layers dissolve and reinvent its purpose

Not to protect but to support
Created by you and me
To hold memories and thoughts no longer needed

My soft pink bowl of wax
sits as a queen upon a throne
wanting to greet her subjects and trials
with ease and possibilities, not rigidness... malleable

My soft pink bowl of wax
is made pure, effortless 
Circling its edge by index finger it 
glistens, it brightens

All that is presented to me
May be modified
May be transformed

Layers on and of my heart
Can hold treasures outside of me
Carrying love and protection to another in need
Wax is needed, but no longer around my heart
Now I am open to LOVE again 
in opulent splendor
of the Divinity exposed!