Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Spirited Silence
Recognize the grandness of Peace

Awaken opportunities fragmented by time
Delight in the consequences of spiritual stillness

Hour by Hour by Hour

Waiting to finish the meal and re-enter my silent abode
in retreat
Removing my dance shoes and putting away my dance card

I am home

Just Words Connection

Gift, Understanding, Cooperate, Genocide, Baffle, Esteem, Timeless
Existence, Terrify, Truth, Tarry, Not, Gratitude, Abundant, Relinquish, Guest

This is the gift.  To understand and flow with the Giver of all things. It is destructive to be baffled by your worth, for it is timeless.  Do not fear the truth, nor delay in praise and thanks for the abundance therein. The guest arrived and it is You!


Within delineation
Without order

Within terms
Without spirit

Within capabilities
Without possibilities

The box is open
Each crayon pointed and poise
for creation

Within Without
There is no distinction

Color with abandon
Leaving a small corner
for more possibilities to arise by surprise!

Year Anew

It is time again

Protection served its purpose
Flaking, it drifts away as dust

Dust to be removed
Items to be seen in fresh light
and reflection

New years and new challenges in life

Break the bread of communion with others
Raise the glass of camaraderie and hope

Dance on the surface of the refrozen lake
Still, silent and anew from the solar rays of the day

You are that light and the fuel within it
Nothing is lost, you are renewed

Bubbling Up

Your surface is porous
Enveloped translucently with grace

Tension arises and spawns
misguided and wayward thoughts

Fear launches its tunnels in dormant
shifting shards

God's love heats and purifies the water
Clearing paths
Evaporating fear
Sealing grace

Tremble not when inner turmoil arises


God's grace bubbles up through your surface

Monday, December 19, 2011


I said "stay sweet"
He said " stay you"

I said " try harder"
He said " you are enough"

I said " when I am stronger"
He said" you hold me up"

I said " I wish"
He said " you are "

I said " thanks"
He said" my gift"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Note from Above

Whisper in the night my name
Delight in the sense of stillness

Consider opportunities I will provide them
I will divinely move you and them forward

Remember your royalty in me
Remember your courtship with yourself

Conceive and receive the divine righteousness in you
And Be
Be Still- I Am-You Are

It unfolds in an instant
Let it be this instant


Requiring no action only thought
It hangs on the cusp of flying and sinking

It reduces the "I am" to creating its truth

It launches the mind to
understand the soul
and the soul to take action

Locking the spiral
within the box, it's lid
loosely tilted
Will I push it off, or lay it
back down?

I choose to lift it and engage in
this life
No more darkness

With My Eyes

With my eyes I see
the textures and shadows of the

With my body I feel
the heat delving into
my flesh bringing release

With my ears I ear
the muffled words
of people and the rustling of the leaves
on the nearby trees and through the
sifting valleys

With my mouth I taste the dryness and
saltiness of this earth

Without You I experience
none of this
Without You the trapestry
is never woven
Without You I am blind,shriveled,
dark and alone

I am with You now.


It came in the back door
A stranger in the night
Not to rob but to laden with riches

Grasped by the nape of a loving mother 
Fruitless fears and fantasies  
Rushed out the open side windows
A vortex of calm air followed

Trembling took me into greater excitement of the unknown
The floor of my home started to slant from safety to askewness
I knew where I was yet I did not

The stranger's presence shifted the contents of the dormant cellar
It cleansed the floors
It polished the windows
The fragrance was unimaginably sweet

I was lost
I was richly laden

I woke, not from a dream
but into the wonders of love and joy
and the oneness of strangers in the night