Friday, November 13, 2015


My body's vortex is lifeless
dangling on a string
swaying with the internal winds
to nowhere, from nowhere

The life in me
squandered on created worries
and bold imaginative plays

The life in me
spun outward
spraying its truth and intentions
into the void
Nothing to nuture it into
mature dominion

The life in me
dispersed without telling me
or did I not listen to its prodding
and dramatic performances


Could it be this recognition of life once held
returns lightly on golden wings
places it's rooted core upon my navel?
Where once the breath ignited

I hear you life

I acknowledge life

now our
conversation may reconvene with curious
expansion of the spiral winds


Monday, November 9, 2015

Act LIke Me


  1. Take 4 steps away from the house, remember to take a large glass of water and hairbrush
  2. Plant feet, no shoes allowed, solidly on ground
  3. Reach skyward and outwards with your arms, back and forth
  4. Pay no attention if your torso is straight or not, this is not yoga
  5. Act as if there is honey and feathers attached to your fingertips and flail incessantly for one minute.   Notice how many beautiful feathers are scattered around you.
  6. Swat mosquitoes and wish them good luck elsewhere
  7. Now find a part of your body upon which you can place a silver dollar and set is there
  8. Breathe deeply in and out , finding a perfect resting position for yourself
  9. Next brush your hair and flip it upside down.  Let nature set its perfect style. no mirrors allowed.  See how many strands break off onto the bristles or how many strands or are shed to the ground
  10. By now you are parched , drink your water and wiggle your toes as you do so
Rest until you are ready to go a second round  and if there is sun, you may turn into it

Act like me, a simple tree waiting to shelter you and your silvery gifts
Act like me, a simple tree bridging wind and rain
Act like me, a simple tree reaching as high as I can every day, even when branches have broken
Act like me, a simple tree shedding my nature to help the nature of others.

Look to the other trees for protection.  Welcome critters amongst your branches and let the rain and the underground rivers bring growth and regrowth. Act like me, the simple tree in the corners of your soul

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Space     void and inert
Floating between past and future

As if this” me “ never swelled into existence
Never wept nor leapt in dance

Peace hovers around each corner that I touch,
 clockwise and counterclockwise
No face of time, no clock to measure

Imagination diminished, this new perception of Now
Not unsettling, not weary with precipitated frolic

Sitting, the striking swirls of nowhere fill my body and soul
Nothing arduous, nothing profound..

My past and my future collaborated into Nothingness,
Immense and expansive the essence of me within the mesh of spirit
 floats in uncharted waters
Silently, unrecognizable,