Monday, June 25, 2012

When Someone

When someone opens the door for you
gratitude blooms

You knew you could do it yourself
yet the compassion overwhelms

You cannot wait to deliver that feeling
to the next person
catching them in act of reaching for the door

When someone looks in your eyes
and truly listens, to the small and large
things in your life
gratitude blooms

You have told those stories to yourself
over and over in your mind
but now they seem simple and seamless
Stories melt away and being-ness wells up

When someone expects nothing of you
gratitude blooms
Each day presents another flower seed
flourishing in the garden of life
and radiant colors and dull textures coexist
It does not matter

When you are that someone
you shall find that someone
it is all gratitude flourishing and flourishing

Friday, June 22, 2012


It is said the more you resist, the more things stay the same.  I have worried(resisted).
 I have tried harder to change things( resisted).  I have become angry when others let me down (resisted).   It has also been said if you give , the more you receive.

Last week was the pinnacle of acknowledging those phrases into action.  I dedicated myself not to find employment right now, but volunteer my time.  I was invited into two homes to "do my stuff".  I returned home to find a realtor next door needing color consult for her new client's home.  I again got to volunteer my expertise and also pick the color for the new owner's front door. I hope they will like it as much as I do. I will see the new color outside my kitchen window!

Last week I also read a dialogue in Conversations With God.   Reactive and Creative.
The only things that separates the words from each other is the placement of the letter C.

Isn't that odd... when reactive we let little in for creativity.  When we are creative we are in the flow, not pushing and resisting but allowing.

More opportunities arose to read my poems last week,  a chance to connect with a fellow from Oxford, England that consented to letting me use one of his photos for my upcoming book of poetry.  It is no coincidence that the title for that book  will be Awakening Within Seasons.

With gratitude I am awakening to more possibilites and not always in the form I expected.

May your summer be one of the Big C or Big See and let your creativity arise and flow with your pure essence.