Friday, March 20, 2009

Underfoot: Growth in Unexpected Places

Often we are too busy looking ahead to see what is beneath our feet. We trample what is awaiting to sprout, whether new ideas or relationships or even the chance to feel an emotion that has been dormant and is awaiting its time of renewal.

It is the beginning of spring today and I am thankful for friends that listen, dogs that bark, tears that cleanse, hands that heal and words of wisdom that teach. One unknown solitary person answered the phone today and gifted me with inspiration and faith and excitement of new prospects in my life.

Look down, look up, look around. It is amazing what may sprout in unexpected places.

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  1. Dear Susan, I found your blog by way of a Pinterest page posting your book! One day I will have to have it for my own, but hopefully not too soon. I came to the beginning of your blog to know about your story, the loss of a husband! Since the beginning of this year, my husband has had the diagnosis of kidney cancer, his kidney out and in two weeks will start immunotherapy for the mets in his lungs. I find that I grieve for what might come and believe that I won't be able to handle losing him. You give me strength by your expressions in words, about using color and art to heal.
    May you be continually blessed by our Creator!
    Sincerely, chris