Thursday, June 11, 2009

Room for Change: In Me

 At the prodding of my meditation teacher that became my mentor and friend, I wrote a small piece about a photo of a horse in skeletal form.  I came upon it today and as writer's block whisked upon me ( think it should be called thinker's block instead) I decided to rewrite the horse's story in this blog hoping to conjure up other insights that may be dormant awaiting to   explode or at least seep forth!   This is for Marcie.

     Austin's Story

It was a surprise to happen upon Austin.  I could not tell if he was ready to be released from where he came or if his emergence from the soil still stunned him.  He pranced and danced  in the sunshine with no knowledge that I looked on. His transparency was like a dream, yet he was solid and firm- as if nothing could push him over or wear him down.  I was afraid to whisper, afraid to let him know of his presence. There remained an innocence in his stance and being. 

Gathering the nerve to let his dream stance and solitude be disturbed I reached into my pocket for the red apple left over from lunch.  The wispy threads of the lining of the pocket whirled off of it on the wind. Stepping towards his left flank I lightly tossed the apple and it rolled in a squiggly line , lodging in a worn patch of grass. My silent prayers went out for Austin to discover what and who he was and if he chose to be amongst us, know that we acknowledge him and will care for him.

What did I learn? Perhaps we are not as transparent as we seem to be. Perhaps others try to create our reality, but only we can come to life and participate in it, when we are ready. 

So he then donned his finest saddle and nodded his head and asked. "Are you ready to ride?"
I nodded back silently and said it would be my honor.  I hadn't thought about it before, but being a Sagittarius, I am portrayed as half horse, half person and in that instant,  upon the weathered saddle and his sun drenched legs I became one with him.  What a moment!

Thank you Marcie, my friend, my teacher.

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