Saturday, October 2, 2010

Room For Change: Wallflower Potential In Loss and Grief

Who knows where inspiration comes from?  Who even knows when it is present.  Riding on the train of trust and basic truths we forge our way. We find someone else's inspiration and dabble of bit of our own into it.  We grasp a bit of their truth and manage to find our own.                                                                                               The image above was created from someone's photograph of an old room, worn and torn up from experiences created and then left to be silenced.  The wallpaper was pulling away from the wall in layers, revealing fresh portraits of paper and then adjacent to them were faded ones hanging on a wispy papery thread.  I saw the beauty in it and its evolution.

What next?  I pulled out for myself  random selections of the image and voila, a new image or inspiration came forward that I can work with.  Add color, maybe. Crop more, perhaps. Simply leave alone, an option as well.

In loss, in grief when all rises to the surface and yet all feelings that are covered up feel vulnerable, look to the potential inside.  Nothing is lost in what you have been. Nothing is needed in what you are right now. Your potential is right now with all images in place.   Dare to dance with what is inside you.  It's there.  Wallflowers are bouquets awaiting discovery.  

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