Friday, August 10, 2012

The Web

I am caught in this web
of lies I have been spinning
by myself

Spinning so furiously
that I have forgotten
I am a spider

Throwing lines like a fisherman
on turbulent waters
or gathering wash from a clothesline
as a pending storm hovers silently
over the next hill

The web has caught nothing
but whirls aimlessly
from a thin thread of ideas

If I settle it catches the sunlight
laden with dewy colors

If I slow down
I balance on its tensile threads

If I pray
others come to help me
finish this work of art
in record time and with novel
creative patterns

Refining this web
not with lofty ideas but with silver silence
of celestial grace and prayer

Oh I love being a Daddy Long Leg's Spider!!

1 comment:

  1. I have spent a lot of time watching spiders. Daddy (really Mommmy) longlegs. jumpers and I even had a black widow last year who's beauty and cunning kept my attention. Have you ever seen a longlegs give birth? She holds the eggsac in her legs and the babies EXPLODE like hundreds of little black pepper stars to stay in a halo above her. She then keeps watch upside down until the babies are big enough to escape being lunch from either their brothers and sisters or mom herself!
    Black widow on the other hand pretty much does in her husband. (Very brief relationship) Mine didn't survive the winter to reproduce (which was A-OK with me, didn't want my front porch infested with them.) Spiders are the ultimate graceful creators, it's well that you take your inspiration from them.