Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gladness in Sadness

Gladness in Sadness

Sadly I look at circumstances

Gladly I see what surfaces
friends, insights,information from 
the spiritual realm and elsewhere

Sadly I remember I have returned here

Gladly I see that it is simply temporary, that 
resources abound, choices remain and joy and gladness
supersede it all

Sadly I look back to what ifs or expectations

Gladly I remember that intention rises, 
fellowship reigns in abundant inspiration and love

I am Glad….in all things


  1. Sadness is peeled away, leaving only gladness

    Circumstances sad to be sure, but the future is bright

    Gladly cherish the memories
    Gladly cherish the insights
    Gladly cherish the miracle
    Sadly long to share the successes, the miracle,
    the warm and fond memories

    Pray that in time, a new road will appear
    communication resuming, with limits

    Gladly pray that friendship was the beginning
    Pray that friendship will be the end

    The whatifs and expectations
    There was no dishonor in trying and failing,
    Only if it had been ignored. It was not.

    Praying forgiveness but none to give back
    there is nothing to forgive, total absolution.
    It was a mission demanded by Spirit,
    carried with great strength and pain
    It was done, it is good

    Time to drop the weight
    Time to reminisce
    Time to rebuild, to paint the beauty of life,
    to share once again, to celebrate mutual success

    Be Glad in all things, especially this one

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