Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Off I go on horseback chasing cacti's menancing tails and whipping dirt and sand wherever I go. Off to an high flutin adventure of intrigue and combative interactions.   Oh I spend a little time sipping  warm beer and flirting with women, all the time keeping my hands free to act on impulse or from altercation... Next day, next town, next year, same loop. Always predictable outcome, I carry my persona in my holster and never let it down.

But what if today's renegade defined itself.? What if I would want to fill them boots and archetype now!

Being over 60 years, I yearn for adventure and propulsion forward. What ?, you mean no retirement and more than one  place to lay my hat? ( I heard this from the front porch of the apothecary on Main St. in Samesights, Oklahoma.) I never imagined that I would be filled with the excitement of more change nor would welcome it at this age.  It feels like youth has given me a potion and a vibrancy I thought was long gone.   I did not realize,(until one of my daughters suggested it ) that I was still trying to create the past in a different place , different characters, but with  my renegade thoughts the same and in the same loop over and over.
I was in the backroom of the dance hall waiting for all the ruckus to be over, then emerge safe and sound.   Familiar sights and sounds, familiar problems and resolution , I could handle that.

Well, spirit has pushed me to be a renegade in whatever boots I want now or even barefeet will do.
Listening to my body over 60, not succumbing to symptoms, but inquiring if I want them as my companion, forever and reliable , or could something else push me into territory , a bit scary but propel me with ease.

My corral lately has been like minded friends,  a myriad of renegades, with common core of passion to continue to grow, see new horizons and complete this life journey with joy and acceptance.  As "they " say, what you resist, persists.   Meditation was the lucky horseshoe that brought us all together.  We seemed to put up the signpost then one by one we trickled in. The signpost has allowed us to say, "hey where are you thinking of going?" and then reflect back with the help of our own tin cup
to view our own dusty steps and blurry eyes. We know that we are all going somewhere, but have this watering hole refuge to refuel with each other and change uncertainty into a kick-ass rising spirit .

Yes, I may not win all the battles, but my renegade spirit at 62 is running me towards a more authentic self when I thought I was all I could be already. I encourage you, as my signpost friends have encouraged me, to hang outside and see who may kick up some dust your way. It just may be that that dusts helps you see more clearly and lays down an easy path on a renegade advenute outside your imagination.  

   As "they" also say, Let's keep that light on for each other.

With love,  Susan, pretending to be a cowgirl... that is imagination!

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