Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Moongoose on Zucchini

Reflection: crusty, sandy soil
Upon lazy morning bay rising

Warming towels, sarongs swirled beneath
canopy of pine and palm
hopping birds, branch to branch

Disguised, fleeting insects harvest legs and arms of
with unrequited delight
Contained water brushed blue with plastic tints
ablaze from reflected seeking sun

Pigeon visitations, solo excursions, checking on progress
of crumbs discarted by hasty children or lazy tourists
Rainbow necked, they clamor closer and closer for bits

Territorial squirrels in underbrush of succulent vine and
Mongoose vie for frontline pounch, wayward beach sites

Giggles of young pearly white asian girls
curled almong the greenery edge of sand and undergrowth
they echo between the splashes of ocean's edge and  walled
extreme clifts of weathered transformed time

Returning from my early water exploration
morning snack blossomed into a garden of zucchini
bread delight
Shards of  foil in delicate splatter rested with nut shards, broken branches
and crusty sand

Someone here in my absence?
No footprints of scroundral
No trail of crumbs

A shadow glides over my now closed eyes
It smiles and feathers it with words from his soggy
beach camo trunks

" You had guests while gone- they guarded your chair" he speaks

Moongoose on Zuchinni : what a start to the day

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