Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Remembrance: For DG and GG

As the day of remembrance sweeps by
emotions lie dormant then well up in open cupboards 
or in the wafting of a floating scent
We wonder why it all happened so quickly
Our life with our beloved and then their death 
and the beginning of the death of who we thought we were as well as 
the beginning of who we are becoming
The best we can do, is the best that they did
The best we can say, is that we did the best we could
The best we can hear, is that we are loved by God in our partnerships, in our solitude and in communion with Him.
So as these days of remembrance silently guide you from the past to the present
Layer your roads and redirect your paths, 
Remembering Him that places your companions within reach and places Himself continually beside you on your entire journey      Safe travels  and Sweet remembrances

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