Sunday, July 24, 2011

Room For Change:Signposts

There are many signposts along our daily journeys and routines.   They shout to us to move here, turn there, stop now.   They whisper to us buy this, stop doing that or choose this over that.   The inner posted signs in our brains stop us short on many occasions or sell us short on our own  novel insights or quests.  We may not even notice these silent signs that linger in our routines.

The latest signpost to hit me is  Slow  Children At Play.  I have been fortunate to be adopted into a family that has a soon to be 4 year old son.  He and his brother call me Aunt Suey, with silly reference to pig calling not intended, or at least I don't think so. Every time it is hollered I laugh a little inside and meander to find out what the request may be.  It might be to ask if my dog can have another cookie or two and see the delight when the dog lathers them with a bit of savory dog spit.  It might me to ask if I can come outside to kick a ball or even watch a bubble float for the 1200th time.  It is a delight and time stands still with them.  Maybe it not so much time standing still, but about being in the present.  Delight in the present and innocence in the present without the mind signposts deflecting the possibilities.

Slow... Children At Play.   This reminder to me is to be cautious, but also to remember the child in me, that truly enjoys play.  This is a reminder to me to take it slow through these simple and playful events in my life and another reminder to simply weave play and work.

Miles, my 4 year old nephew has his birthday party today. His gifts include comic "Ouch" bandaids and a book entitled  Nobody's Diggier Than A Dog.

I remember that celebrations like this are for everyone.  We get another chance to remember how to play like children, think like children and be silly in the company of others.

What signposts turn up in your life?  What ones are you noticing?   Merge, Wrong Way or Fork in the Road or even "Turn Here, Best Darn Chikin South of the Mason Dixon Line! "  Whatever it is, consider a little playful childlike magic in your journey.  You may even get a cool nickname out of it!

Off to play on this beautiful Sunday!  Blessings.  Susan

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