Monday, October 15, 2012

The Crossroads

Here again
In different form
Same streets

Same signposts
Slathered with words
words over words
Perceptions over actions and fate
What is different this time?

The signposts are not black and white
They all glisten with the iridescence of the
dragonfly's wing
flying multi directionally
within it's slighted days of life

The signposts are dimensional this time
Allowing shadows to form and
highlights to rise and radiate in all directions

The posts constructed of bamboo
resilient, flexible and quickly grow
no time constraints

This time
The crossroads harbor no angst

I glide on their surface in faith 
Knowing that 
momentum has its place and time
Knowing that the messages molded 
within the wind will caress my front and my back
Hover over me, under me and around me

These crossroads relay names of the same streets

This time my bilingual language of Divine and self
harbors no fear

These crossroads bear no cross
A simple bridge to the next univeral adventure
Crossing and shifting in perfect grace

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