Friday, November 2, 2012


The majesty of the beach awaits
Is it enough?

Wanting more
I strike the match
over and over
the match stick breaks

Striking, breakage
relishing sticks to twigs
to nests of breakage in the sand

Fueled by rapid
knitting and purling of
frenzied persistance to
bring forth light

I forget to look
to the fuel given
in ardent relief
The fuel of the sun of life
of the Goddess within

Striking serves no purpose now
Except I remember
Remembering more is not
Looking around
Looking on high
My High is reached
not in furious repetitive
but in lack

Furious unraveling
the wool lays resting
for every inch to be seen , appreciated
and adored

With gratitude I met this morning
With gratitude You teach me lessons
With gratitude I am laid forth in my glory
which belongs to the woven strand of mankind
and all nature

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