Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Room for Change:On the Road Again

Change your outlook. Change your perspective. Change your location. All three can create unbridled opportunities for you.

During my first "solo" Christmas a friend presented me with an overnight bag decorated with dogs in bright red. Would I have picked that out myself? Probably not. Did I use it? Still do , but now it holds my hip scarves when I travel to dance class. ( Did I belly dance before my husband died? Not)

My friend suggested it as my new overnight bag and I am suggesting one for you. In addition a list of things to tuck into it is suggested. Let's call it the "Sunrise Satchel". This satchel and spontaneity will keep you afloat. Place it in your car ( or closet) and you will always be ready.

Suggested Contents for Your Satchel

Water bottle and tea bags... you can always get some hot water or put your tea bags in your water bottle and place it in the sun, for sun tea

A journal, magazine and local map

A change of clothes, PJ's, and toothbrush

A flashlight

A 20 dollar bill

A small directory of important phone numbers

A small appointment book

A small bag of nuts and/or dried fruit

This satchel is not only for overnights. This bag helps when you may just need a respite.It is also great for any road emergency or an impromptu afternoon in the park. With the basics wrapped in your satchel , you are on the road again.

Go pick out that sachel. The one that is out of the ordinary and extraordinary just like you! Have fun and safe travels.

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