Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Night of the Soul

I wonder where I am this dark night

The silence, with the layering of the pendulum clock, moves my heart forward

Yet my mind is still lost and confused

Confused in its longing for more even when these abundant blessings abound within and around me

I cry out, "What more can I give or understand, dear Lord?" and the clock pauses with the click of the gears moving within the momentum of  the pendulum's swing

My soul feels heavy, like the brass weight that releases the pendulum swinging back and forth
I am stuck in this dark night, moving side to side and tossing back and forth again and again

Help me to remember the place I hold in your plan , Lord

Help me to consider the place that I hold in your heart. Lord

Help me to rejoice in the ordinary and mundane, the back and forth of life as with the tides and the moon, remembering You alone control it all and I am with you and You are with me.

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