Friday, June 17, 2011

Room For Change:Appetite For Life

Room For Change is transforming to Appetite For Life.  Why?  Just because it feels right. I am hungry again as my time in grief and loss has dissipated but not been forgotten.
Trust the gut, feed the appetite.

This is a new adventure with new vistas appearing everywhere, like the spirit shape shifters of Indian lore.

Appetite For Life.  What will it hold?  Brainstorming, Jumpstarting with a dash of mental nutrition.

The menu, the book, will be  divided into seasonal delicacies for  you to peruse with an array of selections.  Using regional ingredients and individualized seasoning, a menu will emerge.  Parings will be suggested, but it will be ultimately up to you to create the courses from the selections for the fanfare meal. It will be you who will mindfully partake of the meal and digest it  and observe how it nourishes your body and soul.

These musings, from Appetite For Life ,  will help me to compile those menu selections.  Please  email me your favorite menu selections along the way.  They may be a perfect recipe to nourish the body or may be something you did in a  season of your life of which I am pondering and writing about. I am truly interested in making this next book a collaboration of stories, tastes and selections of all of us. All of us that wish to glean that gusto of life out of each and every day and each and every season of our life.

So with this introduction, let the seed be planted, let the rain fall and may we all be pleasantly surprised and nourished with the growth of this little yet mighty seed.

Okay you foodies and you soul filled or even soil filled friends.  Let it rain!  The seed is planted for Appetite For Life.

I need lots of help on this one!  The tools are ready, just need your hands and hearts.  Blessings. Susan

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