Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Rhythms are everywhere..
 from the bass speakers of the young guy next to you in the jacked up car
 to the dishwasher humming away in the kitchen,
 from the fish tank gurgling in the corner of the room
 to your  own heartbeat  when you are silent.
I become frazzled with an out of sync rhythm when I do not listen to my body  for the  balance in my life that creates such a comforting feeling and ease.
When you feel yourself pushing too hard forward, pause a minute, see where the rhythm takes you, and get into step again. It may place you in that sweet spot. Remind yourself that there is a push and a pull and it all makes up the rhythm. We need not stay out of step for long.
Blessings to you 

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  1. very true.... the rhythm is what keeps you happy and balanced