Saturday, April 11, 2009

Room For Change: Your Grand Entrance Through Grief

In grief sometimes people go into hiding and avoid social contact, while others have family and friends through the threshold constantly. Sprucing up the front door can say " yes world, come on in" or it can say " I'm needing private time now."

Your grand entrance into your home, may be the front door, may be the the side garage door or may be the hallway from the main foyer. In all circumstances your entry into it sets the stage for you and speaks to others whom may visit. This is spot where your individual creativity and special uniqueness may abound.

What small changes can you make to your front door to bring pleasure to you and give a hint to others of what you love?

  • Hang and herald a statement. This can be as simple as a welcome sign or a plaque with your name or nickname on it. It may be a wreath adorned with flowers or birds expressing your love of nature. Two years ago a mother bird found my wreath on the front door and made her nest. She also made her mess, but the cleanup was well worth it! If you do woodworking or have fabric art skills perhaps a piece of your artwork may be hung upon the door or adjacent to it. These items are easily changed from season to season and can cost very little.

  • Light the way. In the evening it is comforting to know upon your arrival home that a light is already on outside and inside your entrance. A motion sensor exterior light can provide exterior light as well as safety. A small lamp in your entry on a timer can bring a welcoming evening warmth. Exterior lights that flush the yard with ambient light are comforting as well. Inexpensive solar light styles abound and often require no wiring to cast that evening glow outside your door or pathway.

  • Make it noteworthy. There may be unexpected deliveries or visitors to your doorstep. Friends may send flowers or want to leave you a meal. Others may want to see you and know how they can help. You may be away or perhaps unable to talk at that moment. Leaving a notepad and pencil undercover by the door can facilitate logistics for you and others. It also provides another welcome form of communication other than phone or email.

  • Make your grand entrance with pride. Show them "your stuff ". Enjoy!

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