Monday, April 6, 2009

Room for Change:Reflections on the Bathroom Mirror

Having experienced grief with the loss of my spouse at age 49 years old, I happened upon small changes that moved me forward.  Not knowing what changes were worth the effort was exhausting, all I knew was that change was here .  Pursuing redesign  as a career, which involved relocation of objects, furniture and  color consulting, helped me to change my outlook and find hope in change.

Each day we rise, often before the sun itself, and the first place we frequent is the bathroom. It is surely one of the most personal and private spaces in our home. We look at ourselves in the mirror, reflecting upon our physical image as well as our reflections for the upcoming day. If we have cared for our loved one at home, the bathroom may house remnants of caretaking along with  many personal items of our loved one.
What changes might one do to brighten this room?
  • Remove the toiletries, medical supplies and/or assistive devices of your loved one. 
  • Donate any unused medication to an organization such as "Doctors Without Borders" or a local hospice organization.  Pharmacies will readily dispose of medication for you  and it is safer for the environment than putting it down the drain .
  • Many churches or charities are grateful for donations of assistive devices and will come to collect them.  If it is difficult for you to do, ask a friend. Friends are always looking for a "job" that is truly needed and appreciated.
  • Bandages, IV supplies, etc. placed into ziplock bags can also be dropped off to nursing homes, or community action organizations.  It can be comforting to know someone else is going to benefit from your donation.
  • Place a small flower or plant by your sink and mirror.  Seeing their growth and natural beauty is uplifting as you pass by or brush your teeth. 
  • Add a new and comforting fragrance to your bathroom to pleasantly greet you. 
  • A silly picture of you and your loved one taped to the mirror may help you find a smile and bring gratitude for all that was and is!
  • A new set of towels in your favorite color is a great morning greeting or splurge on a new soft luxurious towel.  It need to be only one.  
  • Last but not least, shine the mirror to see the beauty in you! 


  1. A wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing your practical tips on how people who have had a loss can take small positive steps to revive their own living space. Keep them coming. -- Les Morgan,

  2. I thought pharmacies helped get rid of old medications too, but when my brother-in-law died last month I found out that's not always true. I took all his old meds to my pharmacists in the building where my office is located and was told they couldn't take them. They had no means to "recycle" them. They suggested I put them in my "medical waste" containers in my office.

  3. Thankyou for the input. Perhaps that may be legislated from state to state. I do know that controlled substances will be handled in an urgent manner by hospice in our area. Will look into more avenues. Good suggestion for others that have medical waste units.

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