Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Room for Change: One Step at a Time Through Grief

Often in daily life we tend to get ahead of ourselves with the "to do" list or "should" list or "what if" list that may accompany our decisions. In and through grief these lists often magnify and may appear never to shrink. Remember your uniqueness , your innate creativity and your ultimate need to traverse this new uncharted time the way it feels best for you.
I started writing with inspiration from a group of unique and beautiful people attending a bereavement group sponsored by High Peaks Hospice. They inspired me with their stories of perseverance. In my exuberance to share "Room for Change" ideas with others, I neglected to preface this blog's intention: Creating change in your home by re-arranging items and thereby changing outlook.

Change in grief may be the last thing you want to do. Perhaps you did not want it and you may have not asked for it, but it is here. Your home with all its memories, its textures, its quirkiness and its aromas may seem like the only essence you have left of your loved one. Navigating through your home may feel daunting. Ask yourself the following questions.
  • What is the hardest part of being in the house?
  • When is the hardest time?
  • What brings you comfort? Anything at all?
  • Where do you tend to spend most of your time when you are home?
  • Why there? Does it feel secure? Feel warm? Is it place you always land?
  • Is this comfortable place a new place recently created or a place you have always retreated to bring solace?
Previous blogs on "Room for Change" have addressed the bedroom, the bathroom and the front door and ways in which small changes to the above can assist moving through grief. I will be exploring other areas of the home . What areas of your home can use a "tweaking" to help you take an additional step in moving forward and in healing? Please let me know so we can address them. Inspire yourself and replace the "have to " lists with the "want to " lists.
Blessings to you in each unique step.

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