Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Room For Change: Meditative Motion In Grief

Some people transition through the changes that grief presents them with daily routine.  
The rhythm of the routine helps to keep their momentum moving forward in this time of adaptation to many different events and activities in their lives.
Some people take greater moments in this time of grief to be quiet, still and reflective.  They may find personal introspection the insight they need to move forward.  
In our individual manners of traversing this new road, all ways and rhythms are good, fine and timely.
In our home environment simple additions to rooms or windows can assist participating in the rhythm of life, either passively, actively or both.
  • Get closer to nature.   Set a comfortable chair next to the window and watch the birds' flight to an outside bird feeder or birdbath.  The sweeping flights and their effortless dance can be soothing.    
  • Let the windows sparkle.  A crystal , separating morning sun into rainbows, will be an easy way to cast color and movement on your walls.  Other sun catchers of an object or inspiration are also beautiful and require no maintenance! 
  • Wind at work.  I have placed a group of butterflies dangling on a fishing line in front of my window and above the heat or cooling duct.  When the air starts to move, so do they in small rhythmic patterns of their own.  When the windows are open they twist and turn to nature's own pattern. 
  • Water within.  Fish tanks or water fountains in the home are always ways to bring movement and a rhythmic sense to the moment.   Fish have been considered lucky to many cultures and their movement meditative. They can require little care and bring a feeling of contentment and peace in watching.  The water fountain, placed either inside or outside the home, creates a soothing sound without a continual drone.  Each splish and splash is unique unto the other.  
  • Warm the hearth and heart.  A fire , whether "faux" or wood burning, can be mesmerizing and soothing as well.  There are some very inexpensive freestanding fireplaces or wood stoves that provide the aesthetics of a real fire and also cast heat to the room on demand. The flames with their unique patterns and lightness can also quiet our thoughts for a few seconds or minutes, bringing comfort visually or physically.
  • Your soothing touch.  You may have other ways to bring meditative motion into your home or outside of it. It may be seasonal or may be daily.  My hammock in the backyard, which may cradle me for only minutes on an occasional afternoon is meditative in its movement and requires nothing of me, but to rest.      What is yours?      


fish in tank                        
crystals in windows           
bird feeders
wind chimes

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